"OMG where has this box been all my life?! My Beauty and the Babe box arrived in perfect condition with such a simple and classy look. Of course have the excitement is opening this mystery package to see what products would be recommended for my specific stage in this journey. Made me feel like I was getting a hand picked gift catered just to my needs without having to do the research myself.

Opening the box was an amazing wave of relaxing aromas and I was so excited about every single product! I can’t wait to feel pampered - I already feel more relaxed. This is exactly what I needed. If you’re a busy parent or parent to be that tends to care for everyone but yourself, this is just what the doctor ordered. I can tend for forget about myself and these products just help me feel a little more pampered and cared for."- Rachel P., Chicago, IL

"Is there really anything better after finals than opening a box filled with great skincare and relaxation products? I am so impressed with @beautythebabe. Curated by an OBGYN, Beauty and the Babe caters to moms and moms to be, providing the ultimate box for mamas and moms that are trying to conceive for all beauty and self care needs. This month's box features a charcoal face mask-great for Covid mask, a feet mask (let me tell you, standing all day at work especially during surgeries is brutal on feet), a gemstone massaging comb, the most amazing apple scented candle by @oldwhalingco that is currently making my entire home smell like fall orchards, a Korean based aloe soothing gel (Korean skincare is the best out there right now), and a lavender body polish-because we know your girl needs to calm down.

I can't wait to take a nice bath and simmer down with these amazing products-and girlfriend, you should, too! They are just launching and I recommend them as a great baby shower gift, as her boxes range from trying to conceive, to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester, and beyond. She even curated them based on vaginal and c-section deliveries! What can be better than gift for a new mom than that?! I highly recommend beauty and the babe and they get the @blenditwithblair star of approval.  You guys have to get your hands on this box!" - Blair R. from Evanston, IL

"Being a busy mom of 2 and pregnant with the third, I don’t always think of myself. #BeautyandtheBabe box just does that! I can’t remember the last time I even bought socks or thought to even use some eye cream. #BeautyandtheBabe thinks of us mothers and mothers to be. My lips are now always moisturized and my belly super soft especially with this colder weather!  The quality of the products are exceptional. I’m excited for the next boxes to come knowing I’ll have something special and much needed….just for me." - Deanne M. from Bolingbrook, IL

"Overall thoughts: I am pleased with the products I received; everything will be useful. I appreciate having products for baby too, which surprisingly I think will probably be the most useful (bokkee, shampoo/body wash and onesie). As for products for mom: I have always thought about trying a hair mask. I like products for my lips. I really liked the lip balm for the texture and the smell, and I will try the lip mask tonight. My review of the products: The bokkee was unexpected- never knew this existed and I'm glad I got the box to try it.  I love the onesie because one can never have enough onesies for a newborn! The lip balm, lip mask and salve appear highend, which I love; I already tried the lip balm and my lips are so soft!

Overall happy with what's in the box and actually wishing for more. Can't wait for the next box!" - Dr. Janine D., Gynecologist Long Island City, NY

"Got my first Beauty and the Babe box and am totally smitten. I have a toddler and have been working on number two for several months now. Trying to conceive can be stressful and us mamas sometimes forget to treat ourselves. I’m not one to spend a lot of money on self-care, so this box is perfect for me. You can tell it was hand picked by someone who knows exactly what I’m going through. Got a sweet charcoal mask, jade massager, and soothing aloe gel for my new found acne (hello hormones!).

Can’t wait to try the foot mask for my extra dry feet (never had this problem before kids, sigh). Loving the pumpkin spice lip balm and apple candle to satisfy my sweet tooth without eating all the sugar. Feeling pampered without the $$ guilt.

Will hopefully be ordering my first trimester box soon!" - Dr. Kacie M., Neonatologist from Glen Ellyn, IL

"The first trimester box is packed with essentials for your early pregnancy days!

The Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask from Korean skincare brand COSRX feels great on my skin and really helps moisturize and brighten dry skin. It’s never too early to prevent stretch marks, and I love that the Earth Mama Belly Oil is made with all natural ingredients and without petroleum or parabens.

The Tummydrops were clutch for me during both of my pregnancies! They really helped curb my morning sickness and I appreciate that they’re gluten and nut free, vegan, and organic.

The Bee Bella handcrafted lip balm comes in a beautiful package. With ingredients like beeswax, jojoba seed oil, and cocoa seed butter, they’ll keep your lips moisturized. Bonus that it’s pumpkin spice flavored!

Blisslets are a fantastic product. I used them during pregnancy and when I travel to keep nausea at bay. They really work wonders! Staying hydrated is so important during pregnancy and the Stojo Collapsible Cup makes it easy. I love that it can hold hot OR cold beverages, is dishwasher safe, and collapses to fit perfectly in your purse (and later, your diaper bag!).

The “Can’t Touch This,” onesie is precious and very appropriate for the times! Can’t wait to see my little guy sporting it.

Huge shoutout to Beauty and the Babe for curating the perfect boxes to treat mommas and mommas-to-be, from conception to post-delivery and beyond! With products to curb morning sickness and pamper yourself, this is a must-have for moms in the early days of pregnancy. Love supporting a woman-owned business that’s dedicated to helping moms at all stages, from conception to delivery and beyond!" - Melissa H from Aurora, IL

"Just received my box from Beauty and the Babe and it was everything I was hoping it to be. The box was simple and classic and definitely made me want to go all in. Mine was the first trimester box and had all things I would need to go out and get. The ginger chews are blackberry ginger and make them more of a candy than medications and the nausea bracelets are cute enough to use as jewelry. The lip balm is seasonally appropriate and keep my lips from chapping due to dehydration  and dry environment. The massage oil is neutral in odor which is great when every smell makes you sick and it doesn’t leave my skin oily.

I can’t wait to try the overnight mask to make my skin shine and that onesie is sooo adorable but also will get many uses, can’t wait to put all of these items to use. Looking forward to the other trimesters for another box. This box is great not just as a gift to yourself but also as a gift for soon to be moms. Best part this company is run by an ob/gyn and these products are a ok to use in pregnancy. Yay!" - Dr. Shirley C., OB/GYN from Cicero, IL

"I was so excited to receive my beauty & the babe box in the mail and couldn’t wait to open it! I got the 3rd trimester breastfeeding box and love every single product that came! Everything is 100% useful and practical! They are everyday products that pamper any new mom or mom to be! I also love that all products are safe for pregnancy and postpartum, which puts my mind at ease! I highly recommend the Beauty & The Babe boxes and love that there are different options for women in all different stages. These would also make great gifts! - Tammy C from Dunlap, IL

"I loved my Beauty and the Babe box! I chose to go with the trying to conceive option and loove the delicious scents that came in the box. I’ve incorporated products into my daily routine and love the results. I feel like the box is tailored to help me relax, which is great even if you aren't trying to conceive. It was great to know all the products are safe to use in your conception journey. Added bonus my husband loved all the scents as well and thought I was trying to seduce him, ready for baby number 3!" - Wendy H. from Chicago, IL

"I was really excited to receive my first subscription of Beauty and the Babe, trying to conceive box! Life has become extra stressful and overwhelming with Covid and having three kids ages 9, 6, and 2 at home all day since our learning is all virtual right now! The products in the trying to conceive box are the right mix of items to pamper and calm me as we think about possibly having another baby. The box arrived in very nice, clean packaging. There was plenty of paper filler inside the box to keep all items intact and secure, including two heavier glass jars with a candle and body scrub.

The products inside were the perfect combination to help pamper from head to toe - from the foot mask to the massaging comb. I really enjoyed using the pumpkin spice lip balm - it kept my lips hydrated and had a great scent which is perfect for the fall season. The jade massaging comb was also another favorite - it felt great on the scalp and on the neck and forehead. I think this would make a great gift for anyone! The products were all packaged nicely and were well thought out and versatile. I will definitely look to order another box in the near future!" - Payal K. from Manhattan Beach, CA