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Meet Dr. Elaine 

I am Dr. Elaine, CEO and Founder, of Beauty & the Babe, and we launched in December 2020 in the midst of a pandemic while I was away on maternity leave.

As a mother and OB/GYN physician, I understand firsthand all the mixed emotions starting with that very first BFP (big fat positive home pregnancy test). I was elated at the thought of a new adventure - parenthood, but felt stressed out trying to keep my baby safe and the fear that something may go wrong. 

Staying healthy is not only what we put in our body, but on it as well.  It was extremely frustrating reading through the extensive ingredients list on a skincare product wondering if this moisturizer was going to affect my baby's development or if there would be large amounts of a toxic ingredient in my breastmilk.  After listening to many friends, family, patients, and experiencing a c-section and normal delivery myself, I understand how difficult and time consuming it is to research the hundreds of harmful ingredients to avoid during pregnancy and postpartum.  This frustration led me to create a solution that would eliminate stress, promote well-being, and give back time to actually enjoy the pregnancy or newborn cuddles. 

I created a seasonal subscription service featuring pregnancy-safe brands and products tailored to all stages of the motherhood journey.  We have boxes dedicated to to all self-care junkies ranging from trimester-specific or postpartum phases.  Each box is carefully curated with products that have been extensively researched by an OB/GYN, so you don't have to.  Makes the perfect gift!

Our vision is dedicated to delivering inspiration, joy, optimism, and a sense of community throughout all stages of the pregnancy journey.  Take us on your journey with this subscription service curated by an expert.  

As a woman-owned and minority-owned business, I also understand the importance of giving back to the community.  Therefore, a portion of the net profits from each seasonal subscription box will be donated to a charity.  Learn more about our charitable donations in our Social Mission.

Delivering Happy, Healthy MOMents