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Stressful times are here whether you’re trying to conceive or a mom dealing with all the craziness that comes with motherhood.  Take a moment to indulge yourself.  Give your brain and body a much-needed detox.  It’s your time to recharge and relax.

Lapcos | Hair Mask:

Multitasking hair care that hydrates, revives dullness, and soothes the scalp. One sheet mask is included to restore shine with the help of Camellia oil. Keep your hair volumized, moisturized, glossy and healthy.

Doctor Rogers | RESTORE® Healing Balm:

Hypoallergenic and plant-based, this healing balm is safe and remarkably effective. Use it to help heal and smooth your skin, lips and nails. This super-versatile staple offers relief from chapped lips, dry nails and cuticles, eczema, burns and diaper rash. It can also be used to add shine to lips, style unruly eyebrows and tame flyaways.4 oz.

Old Whaling Company | Coconut Milk Candle:

A long-lasting candle to freshen up your room and routine. The sweet scent of coconut milk with hints of tropical fruit and florals can brighten even the gloomiest rainy day. And thanks to Old Whaling Company’s blend of soy and olive wax, it burns longer than traditional candles. 7 oz.

Old Whaling Company | Coconut Milk Bath Bomb:

Perfect for a relaxing soak, rejuvenating the senses and cleansing the skin. A handmade mix to moisturize your skin and elevate your bath. One bath bomb is included to start your trip to the beach right from your bathtub.

Earth Harbor | Ahoy Love Nourishing Cream Cleanser:

As seen in "Vogue," this is an essential morning cleanser for all skin-types. This indulgent addition to your self-care routine combats dryness and dullness. Seaweed vitamins, green tea, and hibiscus extract come together in a rich cleanser to purify your skin. 2 fl oz

Pinch Me | Therapy Dough Sun:

As seen on "Shark Tank," this satisfyingly squeezable dough helps to reduce stress. Created by a hypotherapist, add a little brightness to your day with this stress reducer. With its peppy scent, sunny hue, and therapeutic benefits, this dough helps release tension and relax the mind. 3 oz

Laneige | Water Sleeping Mask:

An Allure Best of Beauty award winner, this sample size overnight, moisture-recharging gel mask quickly absorbs while you leep to deeply hydrate skin with hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. While you sleep, recharge your dehydrated skin and wake up with soft, glowing skin that looks and feels radiant, soft, and refreshed.

BetterHelp | Online Counseling and Therapy:

One in five women will experience a behavioral health need in her lifetime. BetterHelp provides a platform for online counseling and therapy whenever and wherever you need it. Personalized support is just a message or video chat away. Connect with a licensed therapist that fits your needs. B&TB members receive 50% off services their first month.

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Blair R.

Is there really anything better after finals than opening a box filled with great skincare and relaxation products?

Is there really anything better after finals than opening a box filled with great skincare and relaxation products? I am so impressed with @beautythebabe. Curated by an OBGYN, Beauty and the Babe caters to moms and moms to be, providing the ultimate box for mamas and moms that are trying to conceive for all beauty and self care needs. This month's box features a charcoal face mask-great for Covid mask, a feet mask (let me tell you, standing all day at work especially during surgeries is brutal on feet), a gemstone massaging comb, the most amazing apple scented candle by @oldwhalingco that is currently making my entire home smell like fall orchards, a Korean based aloe soothing gel (Korean skincare is the best out there right now), and a lavender body polish-because we know your girl needs to calm down.

I can't wait to take a nice bath and simmer down with these amazing products-and girlfriend, you should, too! They are just launching and I recommend them as a great baby shower gift, as her boxes range from trying to conceive, to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester, and beyond. She even curated them based on vaginal and c-section deliveries! What can be better than gift for a new mom than that?! I highly recommend beauty and the babe and they get the @blenditwithblair star of approval. You guys have to get your hands on this box!

Dr. Kacie M.

Got my first Beauty and the Babe box and am totally smitten.

Got my first Beauty and the Babe box and am totally smitten. I have a toddler and have been working on number two for several months now. Trying to conceive can be stressful and us mamas sometimes forget to treat ourselves. I’m not one to spend a lot of money on self-care, so this box is perfect for me. You can tell it was hand picked by someone who knows exactly what I’m going through. Got a sweet charcoal mask, jade massager, and soothing aloe gel for my new found acne (hello hormones!).

Can’t wait to try the foot mask for my extra dry feet (never had this problem before kids, sigh). Loving the pumpkin spice lip balm and apple candle to satisfy my sweet tooth without eating all the sugar. Feeling pampered without the $$ guilt.

Will hopefully be ordering my first trimester box soon!

Wendy H.

I loved my Beauty and the Babe box!

I loved my Beauty and the Babe box! I chose to go with the trying to conceive option and loove the delicious scents that came in the box. I’ve incorporated products into my daily routine and love the results. I feel like the box is tailored to help me relax, which is great even if you aren't trying to conceive. It was great to know all the products are safe to use in your conception journey. Added bonus my husband loved all the scents as well and thought I was trying to ****** him, ready for baby number 3!

Payal K.

The products inside were the perfect combination!

I was really excited to receive my first subscription of Beauty and the Babe, trying to conceive box! Life has become extra stressful and overwhelming with Covid and having three kids ages 9, 6, and 2 at home all day since our learning is all virtual right now! The products in the trying to conceive box are the right mix of items to pamper and calm me as we think about possibly having another baby. The box arrived in very nice, clean packaging. There was plenty of paper filler inside the box to keep all items intact and secure, including two heavier glass jars with a candle and body scrub.

The products inside were the perfect combination to help pamper from head to toe - from the foot mask to the massaging comb. I really enjoyed using the pumpkin spice lip balm - it kept my lips hydrated and had a great scent which is perfect for the fall season. The jade massaging comb was also another favorite - it felt great on the scalp and on the neck and forehead. I think this would make a great gift for anyone! The products were all packaged nicely and were well thought out and versatile. I will definitely look to order another box in the near future!