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Stressful times are here whether you’re trying to conceive or a mom dealing with all the craziness that comes with motherhood.  Take a moment to indulge yourself.  Give your brain and body a much-needed detox.  It’s your time to recharge and relax.

Doctor Rogers | RESTORE® Healing Balm:

Hypoallergenic and plant-based, this healing balm is safe and remarkably effective. Use it to help heal and smooth your skin, lips and nails. This super-versatile staple offers relief from chapped lips, dry nails and cuticles, eczema, burns and diaper rash. It can also be used to add shine to lips, style unruly eyebrows and tame flyaways.4 oz.

Old Whaling Company | Coconut Milk Candle:

A long-lasting candle to freshen up your room and routine. The sweet scent of coconut milk with hints of tropical fruit and florals can brighten even the gloomiest rainy day. And thanks to Old Whaling Company’s blend of soy and olive wax, it burns longer than traditional candles. 7 oz.

Earth Harbor | Ahoy Love Nourishing Cream Cleanser:

As seen in "Vogue," this is an essential morning cleanser for all skin-types. This indulgent addition to your self-care routine combats dryness and dullness. Seaweed vitamins, green tea, and hibiscus extract come together in a rich cleanser to purify your skin. 2 fl oz

BetterHelp | Online Counseling and Therapy:

One in five women will experience a behavioral health need in her lifetime. BetterHelp provides a platform for online counseling and therapy whenever and wherever you need it. Personalized support is just a message or video chat away. Connect with a licensed therapist that fits your needs. B&TB members receive 50% off services their first month.

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