Postpartum Recovery Box

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This box features items geared towards the immediate postpartum phase after your delivery.  You are now on your road to recovery and may experience some symptoms such as bleeding, discomfort, soreness, back pain, pelvic pain, or abdominal cramps.  This is survival mode.  As your body recoups and all your attention is on your little bundle of joy, remember to take care of yourself during these stressful times even if it’s a quick beauty fix.

B&TB | “Hot Babe Summer” Bodysuit 100% Cotton White:

This adorable onesie celebrates the absolute best season of the year. Makes the perfect social media post and addition to your little one's closet. Designed by the Babe & the Babe team exclusively for the B&TB community. 6 months

Mother Mother | Postpartum Underwear:

Five pairs of cloth-like breathable mesh to accommodate your changing body. Breathable and designed to keep a pad in place, this postpartum underwear is soft enough to be comfortable, but durable enough to be reusable. With a super soft weave, this underwear does not apply pressure on your belly or c-section incision. Although designed for short term use, they feel like regular underwear and can be washed many times.

Mother Mother | Peri Bottle:

This portable bidet holds 300mL and has an ergonomically angled spray designed for perfect aim. This major upgrade from the standard-issue hospital wash bottle makes it easy to gently cleanse your most sensitive areas to keep you clean and comfortable.

Motherlove | Nipple Cream

Best-selling & award-winning organic herbal salve for sore, damaged, & cracked nursing nipples from breastfeeding or pumping. Lanolin-free organic nursing balm can be used as a pump lubricant, lip balm, moisturize dry hands, and does not need to be wiped off between feedings since it is made of natural ingredients. 1 fl oz.

Lauren’s All Purpose | Classic Lap Salve:

Moisturizer that can be used all over the body, including face and hair. Each ingredient is 100% organic with no preservatives and contains a healing or protective element. This organic, handmade salve does everything from moisturizes dry skin, acts as an undereye cream, removes makeup, sets curls, and soothes sunburns. Survival mode calls for multitasking products. 4mL

Yuni | Shower Sheets:

Twelve large, individually-wrapped, soft, waterless shower sheets that instantly cleanse, refresh, and deodorize. Non-toxic, plant-based, and free of synthetic colors and fragrances, these body wipes let you freshen up fast without water. Provides a clean, just-showered fresh feeling.

Simply Gum | Simply Mints- Awaken (Caffeine):

Made with Peppermint and Matcha, contains 360 mg of caffeine in each tin about 4 cups of coffee. These mints are a quick and delicious treat to perk you up after a sleepless night. They’re non-GMO certified and are aspartame and xylitol free.

BetterHelp | Online Counseling and Therapy:

Depression is one of the most common medical complications during pregnancy and the postpartum period (12 months after delivery) affecting one in seven women. Untreated perinatal depression and other mood disorders can have devastating effects. BetterHelp provides a platform for online counseling and therapy whenever and wherever you need it. Personalized support is just a message or video chat away. Connect with a licensed therapist that fits your needs. B&TB members receive 50% off services their first month.

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